Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What? So I went to school today, hoping to get my test back and the teacher is another no show. I don't really understand why there is no e-mail notification system so that I don't have to arrange for somewhere for the boy's to go and get myself there only to then find out there is no school. Oh well, back on Thursday.

I also went to PT today. He stretched and proded again. I do feel much better. I have been doing my exercises like he showed me. I think he's kinda stumpt, which is usually the case with me and medical personel. First they said my legs were different lengths and that that was the problem, now he say's that my pelvis is out of line, but it's not going back the way he thought it would. So, I go back on Thursday and then once a week for two weeks and we will see where we are from there, maybe I still need a lift.

The good news is I RAN TONIGHT!!!!!! I am so happy about that. It went pretty good too. No pain in my hip flexor, yea. I just ran three miles at about a 10 minute pace, which is what I set out to do. I'm glad everything went good. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I hope fine. I think I will take tomorrow off and then run another three on Thursday morning. I would like to get 15 in this week and then go from there, we'll see. I'm trying to be flexible with this, but that is NOT my personality, so one foot in front of the other and keep reminding myself to take it easy, I will finish the marathon, it just might not be in a time that I feel good about. Alright that's enough, til next time.



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