Monday, June 26, 2006

End of week 1

Well, I ran 14.4 miles last week, and I'm very happy with that. I feel good right now, no soreness, a little soreness when I got up this morning, but I wonder if that's because I stretched out right before bed. I ran with Holly, Jennifer, and Rachel on Sunday morning, how nice was that to be able to run with other people and feel good about it. We did just 4 miles, but it felt good and we all probably could have done more. We are going to run on Sunday mornings for our long runs. My long runs will be longer, but I could do their mileage with them and then finish by myself. We are going to try to go downtown on the lake in a couple weeks, how cool will that be. I also just registered for the 1/2. I hope I get in. I feel pretty relaxed about that. I think I'm actually scheduled for 15 that day, but 13.1 will be good enough, especially racing that distance. We are meeting again at 5:15 am tomorrow morning to do 3. These little distance's are getting me anxious to do more, but I'm just trying to relax and do what the schedule says, I'll do 5 on Wednesday morning. I'm sure once the mileage starts to build, I'm going to miss these days. It's weird, when I run early in the morning, I miss it in the afternoon. That's hard to explain or understand I suppose. Gotta go.



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