Saturday, July 01, 2006

So, this is going to ramble, because I've had too much caffine this morning, so hold on.

I have one more run this week, 9 miles tomorrow morning. I will probably run 2 on my own to start and then 5 with Holly and Rachel (Jenny's on another weekend away with her girlfriend Michelle) and then finish on my own with another 2. I'll tell you what, it's nice to have training partners now, it does make the runs go by much quicker. If I run the 9 tomorrow, then I should have 25 for the week, which is the most I've had in awhile, but I feel good. My hip feels pretty good, although I'm happy to have today as an off day to let it rest a little. It's a little sore right after the run, but usually feels better with stretching.

Speaking of my hip, I have been release from Physical Therapy, yea! I am now a believer in the Physical Therapy science. I will go back if need be in the future. I really feel it did help heal the muscle and help me discover some things about my form and the way my body is put together. If you could see all the typing mistakes I'm making, I would be embarresed (that's not spelled right).

Medical Terminology, ha, kind of a joke. I actually did have class both day's. I am off now until next Thursday because of the 4th of July. My homework last week was to watch the tv show House. What?!? So the anal retentive person I am did watch the show and take notes on it and wrote up a paper on it, just in case we needed to turn something in. I am a nut, but at lease I can recognize that about myself now that I've lived in this body for almost 36 years. Anyway, so I get to class on Thursday and we don't even discuss the show at all. Whatever. We also don't have homework this weekend, as it is the holiday weekend. I'm thinking, but isn't this only an 8 week course, and isn't there a lot to learn about Medical Terminology in 8 weeks? I am not going to complain though, I'm sure other classes will not be this easy, and who knows, the final or other tests will probably be totally hard and I'll be like "what the hell?"

Anyway, I went out last night and bought a camelbac classic. I bought a Nathan waist bottle holder (that is so not what it's called, but I'm having a brain burp) which I hated, it kept riding up on me, I'm very sensitive about stuff around my waist, it comes in a close second to having anything liquid in my ear. Then I have a hand held water bottle, which is nice, but it's kinda small and I wouldn't want it any bigger as it would be heavy. So, I thought I would try this camelbac thing for longer distances, and it seems easier to sip from than to try to drink from, so we'll see how this is, maybe I'll try it tomorrow on my long run. I also bought a couple gu's. I don't think I will try that tomorrow, as it could cause some gi problems and I will be around other people and that would embarass me if I had to stop because I had to go. I'll let you know how it goes.

Okay, that should be all for now. I finish tomorrow with my long run and then start a new week, which I think might be a cut back week already, which is probably good for me with the whole hip thing. So far, so good.

Happy Running!!!!



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