Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Why do I put such pressure on myself to blog regularly? I'm obviously not good at it, so why do I put pressure on myself? I think if I don't do it all the time, then I shouldn't do it at all. Why do I hold myself to these standards? I don't know why, but I'm giving myself permission to just do this when I have something to say. Now, that's not saying that I haven't had anything to say these past 11 months, it's just that I said I was going to do this more often and now I haven't, so I think that I can't. Anyway, that was a very interesting ramble for no one!

Well, I was hurt over the summer, I had one of those IT Band things, which was not fun and took way too long to heal. I went to see the PT a couple times and then he finally said why don't you just ice it to death and take three advils 2-3 times a day and see if that helps, and what do you know, it did. Note to self: do that sooner next time, probably in the spring as that seems to be when i hurt myself.

Anyway, I've kinda commited to doing the Chicago Marathon next fall with Holly, but now she's not running right now, so we'll see. It's probably not a great idea for me to take that on as I will be in school full time next fall and my sister's getting married and all next summer, it's more practical to do a spring marathon, I just need to decide on one and see if I can find room and board around the marathon desitnation since there are really no marathon's in Chicagoland area in the spring, probably because it's just too dang cold to train here in the winter, but I'm not affraid of the snow and ice and wind. I say that now, but it is going to be a different story when I actually have to do the running.

Anyway, that's all that's up for now.


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