Sunday, September 03, 2006

What I like about me!

Okay, so I ran 18 miles today, I think it felt a whole lot longer than the 17 I did last week, but of course I had company last weekend and this weekend I had the company of everyone on the lake front path, nobody would talk to me today though, funny. My girls are running the Oak Forest Scenic 10 tomorrow, so no company for me. This will not be a suprise to most of you Chicagoans out there, but I started at Montrose Harbor and ran allllllllll the way past McCormick Place and back, wow that's far. It went pretty good though. Just one foot in front of the other and eventually (3:07:05) you will get there.

The thing I like about me is that I can run negative splits without much problem, I mean I know I run slow, but then I can still run faster at the end. The first 9 or so miles my average was probably around 10:30-10:40 and then the last 9 were somewhere around 10:05-10:15. I think that's pretty good. I hope I don't get a comment saying something like "You are so going to hurt yourself running like that" I would be bummed.

Okay, I've got to go to the store now, my husband invited the neighbors over for dinner tonight, because apparently running 18 miles today was not enough for me to do:) Later.


At 8:52 PM, Blogger Perry said...

Congrats on your 18 miles! I ran along the lake this weekend too as you pointed out in the comment you left on my joggler blog...Just Your Average Joggler.

It was a beautiful day to run in Chicago. Hopefully, we'll have good weather for the Chicago marathon.

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog (I've linked to yours), and good luck with the rest of your training. 3 hours of running is impressive by any standards. I wonder what you listen to (if anything) while you're out there that long. I listen to podcasts.


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