Saturday, July 01, 2006

Rambling on about everything

Unbelievable!!!!!!!! I just posted this big log post and my stupid internet connection was lost and I didn't save it and now it's gone. It was a good post, so I'm going to try to re-post it now. Crap

So, now I'm about to finish the second week of training. I have run 16 miles so far and have 9 planned for tomorrow morning at 6:30! On a sunday morning, after getting up early all week, including today at 5:30 to get a pedicure at 7:00, crazy I know, but now my toes look nice for another 4 weeks. Anyway, I digress. I will probably run 2 miles to Holly's house to run with Holly and Rachel (as Jenny's on a weekend getaway, again) for 5 miles and then 2 miles back home to complete my 9 miles. I'm so happy to have running partners a couple days a week, I always ran by myself and didn't mind it, but now that I have running partners I can see what the big deal is, it makes it go by so quickly.

I had Physical Therapy yesturday, and now I'm released!!!! yea!!! I am now a believer in the science of Physical Therapy. I really think it helped heal my muscle and showed me that I have some inbalance and gave my some excersises to help me correct it. I'm glad I went and truthfully I'm glad I'm done. It was kinda hard to fit that in, even though during that time I wasn't running, so I had more time, but the boy's are off of school right now so they came with me a lot of the time.

I actually had school both day's this week. This class is kind of a joke, but I imagine that there will be other classes in the future that I will wish were easier. My homework for Tuesday was to watch the tv show "House". So, of course me being me had to stress over this. I was signed up to take Jonathan to the library that night, and the first episode of House was on during that time, and we have all the technologic capabilities to record the show, but neither one of us know's how to do that, go figure. So I am stressed about this and take Jonathan to the library, because if I just cancelled it, what does that say about my dedication to my son versues the dedication that I have for school, like what's more important, it's hard being me sometimes. Anyway, we stay for the 45 minutes or so for the little song and dance thing they did at the library and then I ran out of the library to get home to watch the second episode of House. I get home, run upstair and practacly lock myself in the bedroom so as not to be disturbed during my not taking. I finish watching the show (which during the show my other son calls me from my mom's and I tell him I can't talk because I'm doing my homework, and my sister calls from Vegas and I don't even answer the phone because I may miss something, I am a nutball). I then write a paper and look up all the medical terms that I feverishly wrote down during the show, all of which were spelled wrong I'm sure. I get to class on Thursday, and yep, you guessed it, we never even talked about the show. I am going to be properly prepared someday for some class, but I am way overly prepared for this class and this teacher. Get this, we don't even have homework over our long weekend, which I'm sure most people are like cool, but I'm thinking, "isn't this like an 8 week course, that's almost over?" Medical Terminology is so far not that hard, which kinda scares me, what is the rest of the tests and the final going to be like? I don't know.

So, last night I went to Dick's sporting goods store and bought a camelbac. I have had a waist water bottle, but I hate it because it rides up on me and bounces all over the place, and I'm very sensitive about things around my waist, so that's not working for me. For awhile I was doing my long runs in a loop that took me past the van every three miles or so, so I would just stop and get something to drink from my car. Now I feel I can just go and not worry about it. We'll see, I'll probably use it on Sunday. I also got some gu's, but I will not be trying them on Sunday, for the whole stomach issue problem, what if the make my stomach upset and I have to find a bathroom real fast, that could be embaressing, so I'll wait til I am by myself to try those.

That should do it for this time, I'll let you know how the camelbac goes and the long run. Time for Matthew's last baseball game.

Happy Running!!!!!



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