Friday, September 01, 2006

Look at what running has done to my life!

Okay, now if you're a runner, and why would you be reading this blog if you're not? But, you will understand this, but I tell you what, all my non- runner friends will not understand these next three pictures. I could not explain this to people other than other people who's passion it is to run. I NEVER ate like this before I ran, I am not much of a vegetable person and I never ate salmon until I started to run, but I hope this is a habit I retain even after the marathon is over.
These next two pictures are the pictures of my lovely feet and the many blisters I've developed over the last few weeks especially. My feet don't look half bad compared to some of the feet I've see on other people's blogs, and I attribute that to my slow pace. I'm not breakin' any records here. At least I still have all my toe nails!

The one thing I wish I would have taken a picture of that I didn't is a picture of my alarm clock, which say's 4:30 am all the time. One last thing I should take a picture of is my clothing collection, which consists of shorts, dry-fit tops and running bras, they don't look too cute when your husband wants to take you out for dinner, if I can make it that late in the day! I have no cute shoes right now either, just running shoes and flip flops, because all my budgeted clothing money has to go towards new running gear! I do think my running shoes are cute, one pair is pink, but I'm gonna need some grown up shoes pretty soon.

I'm not really complaining here, although it sounds like it, I just look around and can't believe it's me living this life. I wouldn't change a thing though, because I love it! I can't explain it to anyone and pretty much everyone around me doesn't get it, but that's okay because I don't get it either!

Time to wrap this up and go change from my race t-shirt into my running gear because I've got to put in eight miles today. Later everyone, happy long run this weekend!


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