Saturday, August 19, 2006

Man, am I tired! My legs felt like crap the whole time out there today. It was humid, humid, humid! I walked back in the house and my husband asked me if it was raining, because I was so wet, yuck. My calf still hurts, although I know the off day yesturday helped a little.

I ran 6.70 miles in 1:08:06, pokey time. Oh well, I think the speed this week along with the speedy 1/2 marathon I ran last Sunday has everything to do with my sore calf muscle, so it's time to slow it down and let it heal.

I don't think I posted this before, but I am helping organize a fun walk/run 5k in my town. It's now only two weeks away. My little town used to do a 5k around Memorial Day weekend every year and then that faded away, so now we are trying to get this going on Labor Day weekend. So far there has been little support, but I know a lot of races start out this way and build from here. So, anyway I'm on my way to sit outside of my little Walgreens for a couple hours to stir up some more registrations and volunteers. This has been a fun experience for me, I really love all things running, except this morning when I hated myself running.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 11, but I'm doing 9 with my girls. I did two more miles during the week, so I'm shaving off two tomorrow, I know that's really not the point of the schedule, but I'm doing it anyway.

Happy running y'all!


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