Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Core Performance

I started the Core Performance program yesturday, and I'll tell you what I'm sore today. I know that I wouldn't be sore forever, and hopefully this will help me with my running and staying injury free. I will post how it's going.

I ran a quick three today with my girls. We did it in 28:36. I can't wait to see how fast we are at the end of the summer. I think it's a good idea to run faster on the shorter runs and go slow when it's longer. I have 5 tomorrow, and it will be on the gravel around the soccer fields, I was sore after that run last week, so we'll see about this week. I think I just use my quads more for balance and pushing off.

This is a cut back week already, so just 6 for the long run on Sunday. I'm glad that it's already a cut back week, only for my muscles and the fact I started the core performance program.

Have a good 4th, it's off to the Gill's to relax and sit by the pool.


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