Wednesday, July 26, 2006

All good things

Well, I had a nice recovery day on Monday, no aches and pains to really report, so that's good news. Tuesday I ran with my girls, we just did three even though they were scheduled to do 4, but this is my last chance to do 3's this week until October, so I'm not going over. I told them they could keep going if they wanted, but they said they would stick to doing just three with me, cuz that's the kind of girls they are. Today was 5 by myself around the hampster wheel. I felt pretty good, except for the nauseous feeling I've had pretty much every morning for the past week or so. I'm not sure what it is, but I think it's related to laying down since I just had a little sleepy time on the couch and woke up feeling it again. I could be related to my ever long ear thing, without the ear pain. I don't know I just wish it would quit it. Anyway, my run this morning was good. Here's the splits:

Mile 1 10:35 (too slow for a weekday run)
Mile 2 9:59 (a little more respectable)
Mile 3 9:22 (now we are cruisin')
Mile 4 9:05 (yea!)
Mile 5 9:56 (good recovery)

I was pretty happy with my splits, and really happy with being able to slow it down, but not totally the last mile. I'm always tring to beat my split from the mile before, but this time I said nice and load to myself, I am slowing down after this because I don't want to hurt myself again!!!!! And I listened, see I do get a little wiser with age.

That's about all, and for cross training this week I went shopping by myself for three hours this morning and then came home and brought it all in and put it away, which took another hour. A four hour cross training session of bargain hunting, pushing a heavy cart around, speed racing and then heavy lifting. I'm good to go now.

Now about nutrition, I feel really good about it. I seem to have lost some taste for junk, which is not to say it isn't going to come back any moment, but I feel like even when I'm snacking I pick the right snacks, like fruit or yogurt. I should probably get some nuts in there too. I've never really felt this way about eating before, I'm actually eating things to give my body feul and it seems to be working. I've had salmon twice this week, and I'm not a big fan, but I know it's helped with my running and overall mood. I feel differently about drinking now too, I don't do it. I did have a glass of wine Saturday night, but I picked wine because I knew it wouldn't hurt me the next day as much, who am I? Well, whatever, I like the me I am right now.

Gotta go get the children up, I made them lay down for awhile, they needed a quite afternoon, and so did I.


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