Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Alright, I need to catch up a little. Sunday was our long run, of only 9 miles this week as it was my cut back week, yeah! I really like this program because of the build two weeks and take a break the next week, I think I like that more than build for three and rest for one, for some reason that makes it easier on my little brain. Anyway, we went to the trail about 20 minutes away, it's a three mile loop, with some little hills. I suggested it because there's always a lot of people there, well unless you get there at 5:45 on a sunday morning! I felt a little bad, but it wasn't long until the place was crawling with people. It was a great run! I love it when I have a little pep in my legs left at the end of a long run, and I should considering I run like a snail. Now I build up this week.

I had to rearrange my runs this week as I am taking my boys up to Wisconsin to see their Grandma this weekend. So, I am ran 4 yesturday on the treadmill in the air conditioning, because lets face it, I'm not really into melting on my street and I was exhusted Monday morning after hosting a fish fry Sunday night at my house, so getting up early and running after being on my feet ALL day Sunday was not going to happen. So, I slept in and gathered up my boys and brought them to the nursery at the community center and ran on the treadmill, the big bummer with this plan is that 1. I couldn't use my garmin and 2. I couldn't see Oprah from my treadmill because they changed around the machines since the last time I was there, I'm gonna have to do something about that when winter comes.

This morning I ran 7 around my hampster wheel in the OVEN! I ran with Holly, Rachel was a no show and Jenny backed out because she only had 5 hours of sleep (baby). You can tell which miles I ran with Holly and which I was by myself for, kind of a big difference in time. I am such a slacker by myself, maybe it was the heat, but I know that's not it, it's just my pathetic self.

I am taking tomorrow off and running 7 Thursday, 14 (holy crap) on Friday morning and 4 on Saturday morning or afternoon. Then I'm taking Sunday off, since I will be driving that day. I think then I will take my off day and my cross training day while we are there and then catch up again next week by mixing it up again. I hope my body holds up. I had a little twang in my hip today, more than in a while, hopefully tomorrow will be enough to help it feel better. I stretched it out pretty good after the run and then just strecthed a little while ago again. It does feel better.

That pretty much gets me caught up as far as running. It's funny how some weeks you're able to post whenever and then others I have to schedule my time just to get here to post. I'm not doing the cross training thing really right now. I'm trying to give myself some guilt free time until the kids go to school in three weeks until I can schedule some actual gym time. I hope it doesn't hurt me to have made that decision.

My class is also over. It wasn't a hard summer with that like I thought it might be, so that's good. I should be getting my grade soon, but I'm pretty sure I got an A, I had a pretty easy teacher.

Well, until next time, run strong and look forward to Thursday when the heat will leave and go mess up someone else's run for a while.


At 2:00 PM, Blogger Annette said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

It sounds like you're prepping for a marathon. Good for you. Keep up the hard work! :)

At 2:30 PM, Blogger backofpack said...

Carrie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. The heat is beating everyone up! I hope you have fun in Wisconsin with Grandma - those summer days spent with the grandparents are the best.


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