Sunday, July 23, 2006

running along the lake

Hey, I just got back from my 12 miler along Lake Michigan. It was very cool and really helped my blah feeling towards running lately. Holly went with me, the rest of my partners couldn't make it, so it was just Holly and I. Well, I was scheduled to do 12 today and she had I think 6 on her schedule, so she said she would go with me and just do 12. I didn't think this was a good idea, but I didn't want to discourage her from trying, because you never know, maybe she would do great. She did great for the first 6 miles and then hit the wall, I don't think she ate enough and then I didn't make her stop at the water stops along the way, which come to find out would have helped. You just never know if you should tell someone what to do or just let them figure it out for themselves. Anyway, it was a beautiful morning, perfect weather, sunny, cool, low humidity. We parked up by Montrose Harbor because they wanted $35 to park at North Ave, because of a volleyball thing. I was like, um no I don't think so. At least I learned a little this morning, which is Montrose Harbor is a little further and there is free parking. So, we parked and got going. We made it to Navy Pier at around 6, and the orginal plan was to go 6 out and 6 back, but I figured we should do 7 out and 5 back with a good mile left for cool down, so we ran to the end of Navy Pier and on the way back to the path we hit 7 miles, perfect. Holly only did another mile of running and then I made her stop, because otherwise her husband would probably never let her run with me again if I had returned her in the state she would have been in at the end of 12.

I told her to walk to North Ave. and get some more gatorade (thank you Fleet Feet) and water and stretch and rest and I would finish and drive back to get her. I had about 4 more to go, so she did 8, and did great. So, I finished up and felt pretty good, I had my Camelbak full of gatorade and was cruising along. I think probably everyone thinks this, but when I get to the end I automatically think about the next long run and how I don't think I could possibly do another mile since I feel like I can't take another step. I think that's mostly mental though.

So, there you have it, it's the end of what was a rough week mentally and motivation wise. I am happy to say I actually have one more mile than I was supposed to have at the end. Next week is a cut back week, which I'm glad for since it's going to be freaking hot again. Enough of the heat already. I feel energized again, yea! I feel motivated again, yea! Three weeks until the CDC 1/2 marathon, I'm excited about that.

I've got to stop now, I really need to update my family blog now, it's been about a week. Gotta go. :) Keep running y'all.


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