Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Shouldn't I write my story?

Man, am I sore. It's a good sore still, but I thought I was using my legs muscles, it's hard to believe some of them were just sitting there doing nothing.

I ran 5 today in 49:08. I felt good, strong through the run. I did my third day of Core Performance after the run. It was beautiful out, sunny, a little breezy and about 72 degrees. Why can't everyday be like this? Maybe even a little cooler.

Three tomorrow morning with the girls. I started to think I should start writing about how I got into the whole running thing, so over the next couple weeks I'll add a little something to my story until it's complete. It's very interesting (she says with sarcasm). It's interesting to me anyway, maybe not to anyone else. I'm still blown away when I think back. So, the story begins next time, stay tuned.


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